Applying Fluoro Blocks and Liquids

JetStream Fluoro Bloc and HelX Liquids are quick, efficient ways of applying pure fluoros to ski bases. These waxes will improve glide speed in almost all conditions, but sometimes block is faster than liquid, and vice versa. They come in various formulas – yellow, red and blue – for different temperature ranges. These are very fast, but not quite as durable as ironed powder.

JetStream Blocs are applied by rubbing the block onto the ski, resulting in a thin layer of wax. After the layer is on, use a Natural cork to rub the layer in. The natural cork will produce a good amount of heat but, unlike a synthetic cork, isn’t as porous, so it won’t soak up the JetStream block. Use a fair amount of pressure – you should be able to feel the heat. After the ski has cooled, brush it out using a horsehair or soft nylon polishing brush, which should be available at your local ski shop. It shouldn’t take too much to remove the wax.

HelX Liquid is applied by spraying the glide zone of the ski. Use the polishing pad, which is included in the HelX package, to spread the liquid across the base. Give the alcohol in the HelX time to evaporate, and then cork the residue in with a Natural cork. Again, brush out with a horsehair or soft nylon polishing brush.