Cleaning Hard Wax

To remove hard wax, we use a metal paint scraper or five-in-one tool, which has been sharpened on one side. Hold the scraper so the flat of the scraper is facing the ski, and the angled side is facing away from the base – otherwise, the scraper will cut into the base. Run the cutting edge of the scraper under the kick wax, removing as much as you can. If the scraper is too dull, it won’t cut under the wax – it’ll just push it. Use a file or sandpaper to hone the edge. After you’ve move the bulk of the kick wax with the scraper, spray the kick wax zone with wax remover. We use this huge sprayer full of wax remover, but you can get it in smaller spray bottles and in cans. Use the scraper to rub the wax remover in, and then clean up with a paper towel.

Be sure to clean from the front of your kick zone, and the back of your kick, towards the middle of the ski to prevent wax remover and diluted kick wax from getting into your glide zone.