Hard Binder Application

We usually apply a layer or two of Toko Base Binder when we’re using hard wax, but it’s especially important when the snow is very cold and sharp. Crayon on a couple of layers of the binder just as you would with a regular hard wax. You can apply in a slightly shorter zone than your normal kick zone – about an inch in from the front and back – just to make sure the wax doesn’t build up too thick and drag. Use your normal kick wax cork – a synthetic one – to cork it smooth. Another way to apply the binder is to heat it in with a torch or iron. You want to get the binder to melt, but you don’t need to heat it in for more than a few seconds. Use a dedicated kick wax iron – you don’t want to apply expensive glide waxes using the same tool. After the binder has cooled, cork it smooth with the synthetic cork.